and its scorch yet again.........

is there anything this guy can’t do …done great job on my forks,chain , sprockets ,adjustment to rear brake reservoir,sorted side stand out and oil and filter change,then as I’m picking bike up i was talking to him about my concerns exhaust might be a bit loud for the track use,low and behold his mate appears with a decibel meter and he does a sound test there and then.
cheers mate took the bike on a little blast the forks feel great good to meet and chat with big d aswell.
catch up soon

Can he do home visits in Derby??

Awesome! Hey does anyone have a number for Scorch? Need a hand with something!


dupe post, nothing to see

Not even my number in the sig? :wink:

How’s my plastic coming along?

Just need lacquering, lll get the airbrush out over the weekend

Where’s all the innuendo?