And in the Beginning...

… God created Scotland. And Lo! It was good. Bikers rejoiced and worhshipped the Lord of Tarmac.

Sacrifices were made to Gixx0r and Zixx0r, Kings amongst Motorbikes. The heavens abated and the riding was good. 1000 and 100 goodly miles of blessed turns, Loch-side roads and mountain scenery.

And on the 6th day, the Bikers rested, having screamed their nuts off on some of the best roads I think I’ll ever see. If I hunt high and low, I doubt I’ll find much better or more plentiful. Amen.

Ha ha it was good then?

Any pics?

Yeah. Even better than last year. Some pics (and maybe a wee vid or two) to follow. Dare I provide route data? I don’t want to see the roads choked with bikers when I go back next year.

“McTrip III: Revenge of the Ness”

Amen indeed. I spent a couple of weekends last year riding around there while i was working in Edinburgh. I can’t remember the exact routes I took … but that is probably due to getting lost along a the way

I remember going up the A82 past Loch Lomond to Fort William, then heading back inland and playing on some of the smaller A roads and a few of the B roads. Loads of fun going through the hills. Had to slow down for the sheep though … was never sure if they were going to dart out in front or just stay on the side of the roads

Here’s a wee taster of what we got up to:

A832 to Gairloch.

A9 North of Inverness.

A9 North of Inverness.

I might actually pull out some pics from the first trip. We’d gotten to know the roads for the first time and stopped more to take in the stunning views. This time, we just rode their brains out.