And I'm back to square one!

So after some scrote of a co-worker stole my helmet, dominos is dragging their ass getting me another.


Theft, that’s gross misconduct and a sacking the little [email protected]

Typical of companies these days, don’t give a **** about their employees.

They talk the talk but when it comes down to it they don’t walk the walk :doze:

hope you reported it to the plod then you can claim their insurance and give the twat that stole it a good slap

Steal it back.

The dude who nicked it from me )Yes, I know who did it) was also waiting for a new lid. His lid was fucked. Dominos did nothing so he took it into his own hands. Just a shame he stole mine as HE HAS HIS OWN!

****** rides a scooter and has a perfectly good helmet of his own. Now I have to use mine again -_-

His was fucked because he treated it like ****. I dont want it back now…

grow some balls, grab the ******, and explain to him that he owes you a new lid as he has stolen your one, if he dont want to pay or deny’s it, lamp him.

Good they are buying you one… you dunno … he may have dropped it !!!

You buy one and give them the receipt to claim back.

go to the old bill press charges and lamp him for good measure,

you know hes stole it what will he and everyone else take if you let him get away with it

Probably find the lid doesn’t belong to Columbo, possibly immediately.

Most companies that buy motorcycle kit will buy it and own it, if you leave the company you owe them the money for the kit. It is a way of stopping employees joining a company, getting bike kit, then leaving and taking the kit free of charge. The companies I have seen have a period of employment when, eventually, the kit becomes yours.

Given the high cost of kit, even at the bottom end a full kit is going to run a couple of hundred quid, it is a sensible precaution.

I rest my case your honour!:w00t::hehe: