An upside of the CV crap

Been on the roads this week and it strikes me there are 2 things different.

  1. Sod all traffic :slight_smile:
  2. Sod all traffic police :slight_smile:

So if you do manage to get out for a play - especially if you are heading Essex/Suffolk way - gis a shout!

Downside of it the NHS is maxed out, so ride carefully!


indeed. bad time to have a crash…
wheelie practise postponed for now!


That’s not what I heard :wink:

Just given mine a proper service. Need to get the top box back on and it will good to go for a road test, I think there’s still some mileage left in the front tyre.

'king cooling system nightmare, had half the bike stripped down to sort it, gawd knows what spare parts a dealer would have palmed me off with let alone the labour charge.

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If you’re good to go - give me a shout. There might be some unofficial walks available too :slight_smile: