Amy Winehouse

I actually heard what Amy Winehouse sounds like this morning. Over the last…12 months or so I kept seeing her in the papers & stuff, but I’d never actually heard her sing.

Thanks for the BBC news this morning, they played a quick snippet. What a bag of shite!!:w00t:

You may think that but her CD gets played an awful lot in my motor. I like her work, just hope she can get her finger off that self-destruct button:crazy:

I just don’t get what all the fuss is about, does she really warrant that amount of column inches? Same for that Peter Doherty, never heard him sing either…but I seem to know everything about him…apart from what he sounds like.:crazy:

I think Amy Widemouth has a tremendous voice. I try to ignore all the other **** that comes with.

As for Doherty, I pray that he doesn’t die of an overdose but sees the error of his ways, settles down and gets a nice job somewhere. Not because I care about him, because death makes legends of even the most mediocre pop-stars

I actually really Like Amy Winehouse, she has a cracking voice and is a very talented individual but as Chunks says she just needs to let go of that ‘self-destruct’ button! :unsure:

I’ve heard a couple of tracks and it just does not appeal to me. My 6 year old son doing an impersonation of Pavarotti’s “la donna e mobile” is way better.

She has a brilliant voice and would love to see her live. Shame her arse of a husband got her into drugs, without him she will be fine.

She’s a talented young woman but I personally think her songs shouldn’t be played on the radio and people shouldn’t buy her cd’s until she sorts herself out. At the moment, she’s a junkie and still a credible artist - what kind of message does that send?

The airwaves would be pretty devoid of material if we were to begin muting songs produced by junkies, eh?

It seems that the music “business” and a hyper self-indulged lifestyle go hand in hand in alot of cases. shrug

I Like Amy Winehouse, she has real talent. I wish she could get her act together. She’s on a downward slope.

She also went to the same Secondary school as me.

That explains a lot !!! personaly I think she has a lousy voice but each to their own.

Amy Wingehouse that’s what i call her

I think she’s a god singer and has a nice style, just ashame about her hubbie and alll the issue’s she has…

I really like Amy Winehouse she is very talented,But as with a lot of people who get famous they get into a lot of bad habits,i think they should be thankfull for what they have achieved & the money they make instead of blowing it!!!:smiley:

Have to say the Valerie song is good but there are so many cracking songs out at the mo i love kylies new song and sugababes you just have to turn up the volume to enjoy…:smiley:

Amy Winehouse…is she the druggie most people refer to as Winey Outhouse?

worth a shag!.


Not for me, have to change the channel when one of her songs starts on the radio.