Americans are mad or not!

Guys this is the craziest American video I have ever seen!!!

This is quite funny one:

Good weather + cheap beer + open space = madness.

Anyone know who the 2nd from last song is on the first vid???

we used to get up to some pretty insane stuff when we were kids, but some of that was pretty mad, I think some of the shear insanity is definately influenced by people not being aware of what happends when you jump off a building or off a motorcyle or off a ramp and it dosnt go to plan, it hurts, and life isnt like the MATRIX or a VIDEO Game, and hell if you know the consequences and can aford it all to go wrong then thats fine, but breaking your leg in to several peices hurtz in real life and you cant shake off a few bullets like arnie or rambo.

as for me after a few broken bones a few hundred stitches, I learned that it hurts and packed it in, not that im afraid but as you grow up you learn that you have prioritys, like looking after your self and your family, though I will allways ride a motorcycle, Im not as fast and more caucious than I used to be.

and are Americans MAD!

I think as a population they exel at being Nutcases


A brit in Canada

Strange people! When I was younger we used to things that sometimes meant we got hurt but we didnt go out to intentionally hurt ourselves and then film it! Bonkers

Yep there mad that video confirms it and the people in the UK are big babies running from a speaker .

Some crazy stuff, and painfull injurys…Second one made me laugh

dunno only one i recognised was the second one, white zombie- welcome to the the planet mother ****er