Amazon Vouchers

I’ve got £240 of Amazon vouchers from work because I won Star of the Quarter twice, therefore I am star of the half. I don’t need anything from Amazon though I need new tires for my car.

Does anyone want these in exchange for cash? Could do you a deal such as £220 for them.

Errrm - buy off Amazon and pay to have fitted locally?

The prices are not very competitive when you factor in fitting.

its competetive when you consider you are going to lose 20ish quid off of your 240quid you currently have!!

Not when you take into account hassle. So does anyone fancy them?

Joby you should use them - think of all the wonderful books you can get with them to start your library with - some women are very impressed by well-read men. :slight_smile:

Joby doesn’t need to I impress women with one of these

:ermm: Well yes you could easily spend £240 on that page alone.

impress the laydees with one of these, you could take an end each! :w00t::w00t::w00t: