Amazing what you find when you look

About 7 years ago a mate of mine emigrated and gave me his vfr750 project rather than the faff of selling it.

5 years ago, I did a track day on it. Plenty of fun, clutch slipped a lot.
Tried to start it today, cranked and almost started but flooded and pissed fuel out of the carbs. They’re a bit grimy underneath so I reasoned I might as well take them out and clean them up.
Took the lid off the airbox and found this.

Poor bike.

I think you’ve taken ‘use a paper airfilter’ a bit too literally…

What’s the date on the newspaper?

Alas, the corners have been sucked into the intakes. I even tried reading the articles but there was no mention of years there either.

Having seen your garage I wouldn’t be surprised if you looked a bit harder you would find another bike…


One of the c90’s is a box of bits at the back