Amazing what you can pick up in Ibiza!

Look who I found loitering with intent! Actually thanks to Trisckie who obviously knows that Ibiza is my second home, she told Sherrie I was out there and Voila! we hung out together for the day! Thanks Sherrie, was a fun day!



Nice one. You could have had a worse stalker!! :smiley:

I thought you were going to say something like ‘crabs’ :hehe:

But this is much nicer :smiley:

HAHAHAHA!!! Exactly what I was thinking!

(sorry ladies!! :D)

hehe, good to catch up with you hun. As soon as I get a chance, I’ll get the pics i took :slight_smile:

ya didnt wait for mee!!!

my sis is in ibiza now…(cow)…tis also my second home and i miss it soooo much this year…!!!