Amazing Bikes - Praise

Left my bike with Amazing Bikes three weeks ago and jetted off to Africa for a holiday. Could not pick it up for a week due to snow/ice on roads.

Nigel has done a great job on the panel repairs, engine casing respray and Mark has given the bike a full service from front to rear. Just a little bit of touching up to do on the panels which Nigel pointed out to me and he wants the paint to harden fully before doing it and putting decals back.

Bike rides like new and is super smooth again. Very pleased with the work that has been done and I calculated that it comes in at 1/2 less expensive than what Triumph would have charged me for servicing alone nevermind the panel work.

Thanks again to the gentlemen at Amazing Bikes, my bike is in great fettle and looks like new again.

Where are they?

Darent Industrial Park in Erith. Not too far from where I live and worth travelling for.