Am I Horrible?


It’s hard to know what to believe these days. That pic of the masked bloke on the scooter shows someone with very adult looking heavy legs for a fourteen year old, certainly much chunkier than the skinny kid wearing the orange top in the other pic.

Call me a cynic but there is so much disinformation out there these days I not longer subscribe to “photographs don’t lie”.


Don’t think you’re horrible. Reading about a 14 year old moped kid getting stabbed is bound to bring up the current stereotype of scrotes. Though I didn’t jump to conclusions when I read the story. If what me groovy posted is true, then disgust at the BBC for reporting a subjective account of this 14 year old. Hell, why didnt the BBC mention that driving a moped at 14 is illegal to start with???


Since been confirmed that he was riding a stolen moped.
If he stole my bike (or was riding my bike stolen), I am pretty sure I couldn’t give two monkeys what happened to him.
Id actually be more bothered that my bike was damaged.


Well. A 14 year old, knife wielding, scrote was killed after crashing his stolen scooter. Fuck the biased media reporting and hope more scrotes meet their destiny before innocent bystanders get hurt.