Ok so i was thinking of going Alton Towers and as i dont know the way…wanted to know if anyone fancies making a day of it and going down there, have a go on the rides etc…have a laugh…We will need to take chains to chain bike to bike (you seen how far that damn car park is away from the main gates :w00t: …and change of clothes out of biking gear, they have lockers there for our lids and stuff…

Now, ive got 2 tickets that enable one adult in free with another paying…so we can share 2 peoples ticket price in between 4 of us?..(every little helps, as Tesco say :slight_smile: )

But i wondered who fancied going with me? Im not sure of the way and dont want to go alone, but i do fancy going? It can be either a midweek thing, but we need to take day off work, obviously…OR we can do it one Sat? i would say Sun but when you think how far to ride back after a day of messing about in the park, it will be knackering and then we have to go to work next day? so thought the Sat is the better option?..but im ok with what you guys would prefer?..as long as i gets to go !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So, what do you think? Can we combine a good rideout with a day in the theme park? Im dying to try out the new rides !!

Shewolf, Andrea,Jackie,Kim,Python,AndyP,RattyTatty,Grim n Debz,Ang n Mark, Ginger…oh the list goes on and on…but do you fancy a day out ?? Lets be kids for the day :w00t: cos, if you dont want to go…i cant !!! :hehe:Just a thought? If anyone wants to go and take his missus and nippers, then they could come in the car? we can meet them in the car park there?..

let me know when and i should be up for it:D

saturday sounds liek a good option! i vote andy p to lead with his tom tom if hes up for going:cool:

few others shoud be up for this:)

ratty tatty! hehe cheers blade!:smiley: rattatouie:w00t:

Sounds good :smiley:

Will keep an eye for the date :wink:

Well if its gonna be a saturday, theres 28th JUNE or 5th/12th/19th/26th of july…OR i can make a day during the week before then but have to know when u guys can make it, and who knows the way, more importantly :)So let me know what dates you can make it and we can combine and come up with THE day ok?

for me, 12th is elads b-day rideout so n can do on that date, beter start of the month for me but i will be able sort something out for most dates if given enough advanced warning!:smiley:

Right, what about 5th July…not this sat, but next, failing that, what about the 26th July? If that works out ok for people, we have to arrange a meet place and time…which will be bluddy early i know !! :slight_smile:

sounds good, lets get PMing!!

My advice is to avoid weekends and school holidays. As a regular visitor (well usually once a year at least :slight_smile: ) it gets so busy at those times it’s just not worth it. Hour long queues for the big rides and the fast track system isn’t in operation anymore.

Oh and don’t be fooled by Rita it’s KPH not MPH :smiley:

So possibly nxt week midweek? i dont have a clue …someone come up with a date or it looks like im going alone !! :slight_smile: