alpinestars gloves


Im looking at either getting some gp pro or gp tech. I have just seen these

they are aparently the new 07 alpinestars gp pro’s the black and white look great, but for some reason this is the only online shop in the uk and europe selling these gloves. anyone tried the,? or should i just go for the gp techs.


I was interested in some A’stars and went to try a few pairs on and ended up buying some Joe Rockets instead. I didn’t look at the prices and just wanted the most comfy gloves, but ended up saving nearly £60 over the A’stars I was looking at.

Picture is missing, but they have the black one listed, you could always call them to check it’s black and white, alternatively I believe they have a London store…

kool ill try a few pairs on when im home and see what fits best, i bought the HGR ones last time nice gloves but have come apart now after a year . same as the suit. So unfortunately its that time again where i need gloves, boots, suit and a lid.

i’ve got some XL gp techs in Red that i’m about to sell if thats any use? similar prob, bought a size too small…

Drei - did you just punt them out on fleabay?

Good, I thought I was being a freak! Alpinestars don’t fit my hands either. Joe Rockets seem to be the only ones I can use. Others restrict my thumb movement and make the thumb muscle on the inside of my hand ache!

When I normally tell people I get the ‘weird’ look! Oh and JR’s don’t have the street cred either!!

Have to admit i didn’t think much of it until you guys have spoken here. I’ve had a pair and they never fit me right either and the seemed to fall aprt and for the money i was not impressed.

I’ve got some of the Racer dry gloves and have to admit didn’t know what to expect but they were on sale for about 60 quid so picked a pair up.

Guess what, they fit like a glove (thats bad even for me, sorry). But seriously there so good.

My Gp pro’s went threw the palm in under a year…

But still held up when i went tarmac surfing


I bought a pair of these from Hein Gericke on Wednesday. £120

I have to say I am more than impressed with them.

Bought a pair of SP2’s yesterday.

Put them on this mornin went for a 2 mile ride to the shop, when I got back, noticed the stitching was stretched over the first knuckle. Not split open, but probably would be within a couple of weeks.

Crap really. Straight back to shop for refund. Will go shopping again tomorrow.

I have had a pair of SP2’s for almost 2 years & they are superb.

went through the thumb of my SP2’s in less than six months, indicator thumb.

Bought a pair of Racer gloves two years ago and they are as good as new now, get used everyday and through the winter. Would never buy anything else ever again.

just bought a pair of alpinstars gp pro’s…07 ones…and there stunning…!!!

love em to bitz and worth every penny…


Might be a bit of a dumb question ( and I am the man to ask it ), but I’ve never had any A’stars kit, 'cos some reason I’ve never rated it…however I want to get a top quality pair of supermoto gloves for road riding & though I can’t say I’ve looked extensively, all I’ve found are made by A’stars. So who would recommend A’stars & if not, which brand of supermoto glove?

ive got a nice pair of alpinestars supermoto gloves they are quite tight though in medium but great quality. they are the ones with carbon fibre protection on . shame i fell off without them on though! OUCH

Any pics of those new 07 gp pro´s? I will try them and the techs out when i get back and then decide on a pair. I love the look of the new 07 in black and white.

I have never found a pair of AlpineStars that fit my sausage fingers comfortably.

The new Racers fit like a preverbial