Alpinestars dealers in London or around the M25 area

Hi guys,

need to buy a new jacket now that I ride an R1 and my existing jacket is a Honda Repsol Racing item. However instead of just ordering on-line with the hope that it will fit I really want to pop over to somewhere that has a large variety of Alpinestars jackets in stock so that I can choose which one I want + ensure it fits well.

Can anyone recommend anywhere that carries a large stock of Alpinestars gear in the London (or not too far away…ie m25 area)?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Sunny.

There is an Alpinestars dealer in Cheslsea just off the Fulham Road, it’s a branch of Infinity. If you go there, speak to Tim the Aussie guy.

Sondel Sports in Islington.

Hein Gericke in Kenton Road does Alpinestar stuff.

Blatantly off-topic, but I was just thinking of you the other day, wondering how you’re getting on with ‘the beast’. IIRC you were looking for advice on how to hang onto the thing when the right wrist gets a bit too twisty. Good to see you back, hope you’ve got control of it now.

Thanks for the replies guys, will need to check out some of these places, I think Kenton sounds like the first option as I should be able to pop down there during the week after work before the weekend. Roll on Saturday then I’ll pop over to some of the other places if I haven’t found what I am looking for.

ChoccieMuffin - How are ya mate!!! Life on the R1 is getting better and better by the day. Although I didnt ride it much during the winter period it’s out much more often now and I am getting more and more used to it now, regulary taking it on a 25 mile ride to work. Really can’t believe how close I was to slipping off the damn thing back then when I first brought it. Mission at the moment is to get the knee scraping the ground. LOL How are things with you my friend?

Thanks - Sunny.

I second Sondel. I’ve bought my last two sets of leathers there and had great service.

I forgot about Sondels, a great shop but ****ty parking.

Wow thats a first…Sondel being recomended for their service