Alpine earplugs

Has anyone got any of these? Can somebody tell me if the green filters or yellow ones are the best?

they come with both filters anyway so you can try and see which you like better.
The yellow ones cut more sound so I tend to use them only for longer motorway journeys or rather I did as I’ve managed to lose one of the filters (that’s what you get trying to change them by the roadside) but the green works pretty well for everything

overall they’re my favourite earplugs so far (I’ve got some custom moulded ones I don’t get on with at all)
very good balance of cutting noise but still letting you hear what you need to hear

Yeah I’ve got both filters but they don’t seem that much different to me

I found there was some difference but, no, not a huge amount
I did find quite a difference depending on how I put them in my ears, sometimes they work much better than other times, must be my funny ears :wink:

how do you find them?

More comfortable than other (cheaper) ear plugs but they are useless with out the applicator.

Maybe I expected more for £15