Alonso the dirty scrote

Did anyone see that? Now thats not very sportsmanlike is it?

Dirty scrote.


What did he do this time.


"Fernando Alonso beat Lewis Hamilton to pole position for the Hungarian GP after dubiously holding up his team-mate in the pits.

With Hamilton ahead of him on the timesheets, Alonso prepared for his final run at pole position.

But despite being cleared by his team to leave the pits, the reigning World Champion remained in the pitbox for a few extra seconds thus preventing Hamilton from putting on new tyres and getting across the start/finish line in time to do another flying lap of his own.

Alonso’s actions meant he claimed pole position while his team-mate was unable to come back at him. Hamilton finished second on the grid."

Lewis was faster than scrote-boy in every session. Alonso stiched him right up.

Sounds like Alonso being clever to me! I would do the same! First rule of racing; beat your team-mate.

Hope a Spyke car runs Alonso off the track for that.

Nonsportsman like behaviour is intolerable.


It’s ironic that so many races are won in the pitlane srategy…this could take the biscuit.

The stewards are investigating the incident with the possibility of penalisation for Alonso.

Funny now that a previously furious Ron Dennis is now blaming Lewis for the incident insisting that he was out of position, and hence missed his last lap. Alonso agrees of course.

This stinks of an attempt to divert the potential penalty.

If you saw the incident you will know what happened. It was clearly blocking tactics. When have you ever seen a physiotherapist (alonso’s) dictating when a driver leaves the pit box by counting down the seconds on his fingers?? Thats the engineers job methinks. Alonso could have moved down the pitlane and let lewis into the box…

Hmmmm. Dirty, dirty spaniard.


"World Champion Fernando Alonso has lost his pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix and will start tomorrow’s race in sixth place.

The race stewards at the Hungaroring have decided to demote the McLaren driver after reviewing evidence from today’s qualifying session, where the Spaniard held up teammate Lewis Hamilton in the pits, causing the Briton to miss out on a final flying lap and possible pole.

Alonso was adamant that he remained stationary for ten seconds because his engineers had told him to, while team boss Ron Dennis told reporters after the session that the incident was a result of Hamilton himself ignoring team orders earlier on in the session, therefore leaving the two drivers out of sequence.

The stewards talked to representatives of the team and reviewed recordings of the car radio transmissions before making their decision, over eight hours after qualifying ended."

and rightly so

Maclaren also wont score any constructors points for the race from either driver.

Dennis lied to try and prevent the penalty after all.

Doesnt bode well for the spy sage does it?

Glad Alonso got done for what he did, now lets hope he gets knocked out in the first corner and serve the cheating b@stard right.

you should be happy your team mate is winning not trying to destroy his chances.

And lets be honesthere lewis hamilton has to be one of the most gifted drivers the F1 has ever seen, I mean this boy barely ever makes a mistake, i recon we could be looking at the next senna or mansal in the making.

Lets hope he’s funnier than Mansell, Nigel was so boring the other drivers used to nod off when he was on track

Here Here!!

Great race from Lewis kept infront all the way with the pressure of Kimi and glad Alonso didn`t get on the podium.

How very funny to read Have a look at and then I think everything will be clear.

Lewis is a good driver but lets not overlook the fact he is in the best car! I’ve lost a lot of respect for him after this weekend as I was just starting to get back into F1 as there were real people starting to show up in the racers. People like Masa, Lewis, Heidfeld, Kubica, etc. Now you start to get the feeling that Lewis thinks he is bigger than the team and McLaren boss will not take long in kicking that view out the window or the driver.

The sad fact is that there are many drivers out there who are very good now and becasue so much depends on the rest of the team the driver can and will be replaced.

If Lewis does think he is bigger than the team then I think GB will have lost what could have been one of the best drivers ever. If he is kicked out by McLaren then he will fall back into teams that will never win

My hope is that Lewis returns to the racer he was up until this weekend. I hope he talks with the car, like he has been and not the mic as he is not a singer but a race driver!

Alonso got what he deserved, gooooooooooooo Lewis!