Almost had a heart attack!!!!

Got and email from the National lottery telling that I was a winner! Can’t describe the exitment it was up to I see the prize…


Hehehe, doh! Just enough to keep you interested, but not enough to break-even!

That’ll go towards a tank of petrol though.

You’re the kinda person who shouts “I’ve won” at vending machines

Wahey, drinks on the lottery winner! Mine’s tap water, please…(as is everybody else’s…)

At least you’ve won something Good luck for the next Draw Cezar

‘‘p’’…my mum used to call that council coke…lol

bless her…

congrats cezar…!!!..nice one mate


The email come up as a winner but didn’t say how much. I thought it was a span but just in case went to the National lottery page and signed up. A message came up saying that I was a winner, again no value… I was really chocking by them… So I clicked on the link and realised that i had got 3 right numbers and won 10 quid… bugger