Almeria - April 29th - May 1st

Looks like a few of us are going to do the exclusive again, it was really good last time and open pit lane and only 30 bikes means its really fun and a great time for just working on your riding.

Have fun mate, can’t make it unfortunately as it falls right between my second and third rounds of the season.

Maybe another time we can get out in the uk together.

Aww this is deffo on the cards for this year but probably at the end of the year, it should be good weather in UK then

Yeah i think there is 3 of us so far. any more for any more? IM def up for doing 1 or 2 uk day also PJ. I want to take the monster around Brands!!

How much does something like this cost all inclusive. Drinks and all :wink:

about a grand. But do you really think you can keep up with us jamie?

after that program on the Motors TV the other day, where i discovered its an open pit day, i’ve suddenly become really interested. :smiley:

fairly decent price all in all and no, I probably wouldn’t keep up. Don’t really wanna trash my only bike :wink:

Well I’m going to pay my deposit soon so if your keen i suggest you do the same.

Maybe next year. We’re off to SA in 2 weeks then it’s alps in a few months :slight_smile:
Defo wanna do almeria though!

Paying deposit tomorrow! Boom!

whatsup rixxy, do you know if theres any spaces still? well up for doing that, ovs i couldnt keep with u lot because il be lapping all of you lol got my r6 all tracked up just need to learn how to ride it now :cool:

yep still places, we will need a £200 deposit monday if you wanna come. PM me :slight_smile:

One of my good mates has just asked me about doing this on the 3-6 April…I am umming and arrhing…really want to go, and it would be good to ride with my mate…not too much cash…

I see that Trackday insurance is mandatory, James, what provider did you use? I see MCE do some but it looks like UK only

Trackday insurance is not mandatory but health insurance is. Everyone uses Four Counties.

booked and sorted, 3 lb’ers off for a spanish adventure.

ahh stop winding me up, I am itching to get on the track this year!!!


have you found a glove to fit your massive hand then? :wink:

LOL…yup I look like Kenny Everett…nah hand all fine now, it’s a bit stiff in the morning, but that’s another story!

not long now~~~~~~~~