Almax Series 3 chains – now sold

Got a couple of Almax chains I no longer need. Haven’t taken pics yet but if anyone’s genuinely interested let me know and I’ll dig them out and measure them up. One is quite long and the other is short. Collection only. Cheers

I might be actually. Please take some pics.

will do dude. bear with me…

yup, stick me on the list as well please @ad I’m going to need another one/two soon

ok. so I have two Almax Series 3 chains – 1.5 metre and 2 metre. I also have two locks – CISA 285 75 Container padlock and a Squire SS65.

cheapest new prices for these items are…
1.5 metre chain – £105
2 metre chain – £120
CISA padlock – £40
Squire SS65 – £82

The 1.5m chain has the cover, 2m chain doesn’t. The shackle on both padlocks comes out but doesn’t affect the security of the locks once locked. I have two keys for the CISA, can only find one for the squire at the mo. So how about…

1.5 metre chain – £70
2 metre chain – Sold
CISA padlock – £20
Squire SS65 – Sold

Will give @Jay first refusal as he replied first, then over to you @The_Sleeper.

Cheers @ad

I’ll await @Jay hopefully he won’t want the same as me :grinning:

Thanks @ad. I’d like the 2m and Squire lock. Will PM you.

Cool mate

@ad I wanted the 1.5 so all good I also wanted the squire though :cry:

But it is @Jay and it was first come first served. So all good.

I’ll pm you as well

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1.5 metre chain and CISA lock still available… going on Facebook soon…

sold. cheers all

Who wants ALMAX chains and locks? I have a few for sale! :slight_smile: Also ground anchors never used

Let me know!