Almax Chain / Padlock etc.


Just wanted to say that Alex at Almax was great. I ordered a chain, padlock and ground anchor and had a courtesy call just to ensure the chain would fit my bike (it’s a 22mm chain and wouldn’t fit a Vespa wheel for example) he then went on to explain the best way to fit it and use it.

I’ve seen some reviews saying Almax customer service is poor and some of their team are rude which did make me think twice about using them.

The service I received was first class and I’d definitely recommend.



Likewise, I’m a big fan of Almax, as a lot of guys on here can testify to.  

Alex gave me good advice on my first order, when I wanted four items, he said I only needed three.  Subsequently, I’ve gone back for other stuff many times.


I’ve suggested to them to do a kit of the different links for checking the size of chain that fits. Can be quite a thing to think about when looking for a new bike.


/shakes head not The Simpsons again!?

All that hype about how good, allegedly, their Mklll (16mm) and MklV (19mm) chains were out the window. So what’s the point of a 22mm chain?


It’s 3 better, all the other chains only go to 19mm


A perfect explanation


For once a proper explanation on this forum