Ally Pally 2006.............NO HONDA STAND

Did i miss something ?, where were they hiding ?, what was the reason ? ANY IDEAS ? is there something we should know or did i just miss the write up somewhere…anywhere… that they weren’t gonna be there

No, Triskie! Honda wasn’t present at the Ally Pally show! Politics for sure!!!

Honda not being there left them open to all sorts of insults and bad mouthing from the other manufacturers

Triumph said they were too scared cos of the 675 being too good
Yamaha said the were too scared cos of the new R6 being too good
Suzuki denied all knowledge that Honda were a firm who actually made bikes

not good, seeing as I was hoping to get more info on the CB1300 S

blimey-you couldn’t miss them back at the NEC show.

whats happened honda?.

Asimo fell over… dunno, it was down to a London dealer to support a stand, and none did.

“Suzuki denied all knowledge that Honda were a firm who actually made bikes”

This is great . It is funny for all the honda riders wanting to see whats coming out from honda this year . The K5 and the R6 are maybe to good for honda to run with now

Or me running at them with a big hammer, for making there bikes a pain to work on!

I’d have a CBR600RR over an R6 any day and Gixxers are too common ZX6’s are nice though.

Great qoute, lol!!

Wasnt impressed with this years show at all


I did miss Honda, not being there

I would like to have been able to chat to some one about the new blade and ask them why its so wet.

Also, this does not lend support to any one who has bought thier products and ride thier machines, has there been any official comment from Honda ?

HONDA “if you need help go to yamaha”