All those that can get there knee down some advice on this pic!

Obviously this is not me at all but the rider on this bike is close ish and been trying for knee down for ages. The bike is off the edge of the tyres and foot nearly down as well so no problem with lean angle. I guess just hang off more yeah?

Any advice from Chuffster, Andrew and those that know will be welcomed ta!


Looks good, the vital ingredient that’s missing is speed. You need to be going faster to increase the lean angle. I don’t get my knee down on the road (too dangerous, imo), but on the track I notice that you’re either doing it at mucho speed, or ‘dropping’ onto your knee in super slow corners, i.e. the chicane at Silverstone, which is 15mph; it’s straight onto the left knee, then straight onto the right in one flip-flop move, so you don’t necessarily need speed to do it, but I wouldn’t have the balls to try and drop my bike onto my knee like that on the road

At the track, it just happened one day by doing what you’re doing, then going through the corner quicker until it touched down. Makes you jump at first

That foot on the peg had to be corrected as well Terry, apart from that you are fine, just speed up

Cheers for the comments Jay and Cezar, more lean angle scares me, like that I have no chicken strip left on the rear tyre and nearing the edge on the front which just makes me think anymore and its gonna let go gulp! I know it wont but taken me ages to build up confidence to crank it over that far!

I am desperate to get on a trackday to do it in a safer environment and concentrate more on my riding.

TBH for the rider in the picture to get his knee down he could certainly carry more lean angle and also hang off the inside of the bike more by sitting on the edge of the seat and sticking his knee out more towards the tarmac. Oh, and tuck that foot away, hes going to catch that on something. Id only try this on the track when youve got a chance of surviving if it goes pete tong and definitely not where there is armco on the exit. If youre intent on doing it on the road then find a very quiet roundabout and go round and round until dizzy.
Slower corners are generally best for getting your knee down.
Hope you`ve got crash bungs

If that guy got knee down with that riding posture, he would be in danger of lowsiding, especially if he uses more speed!

He needs to move his butt so that the left cheek is on the right side of the seat (don’t slide over the seat, pick your butt up a few mm and move over before dropping onto the seat again - sliding gives too much physical input into the bike in the wrong places). His leg should be pointing out as far to the side as he can - I find my leathers (and family jewels) restrict this quite a bit. His shoulder should be pointing into the turn, with his head almost in line with the mirror next to the bike. Left forearm/elbow should be resting on the tank. Lots of people try this, but end up rotating around the tank instead of hanging to the side - not a problem as far as smooth fast cornering is concerned, but more difficult to touch knee down. WARNING: you will look and feel like a pillock trying this at first.

Just so that everyone is clear, hanging off the bike is not meant to get the bike lower around a corner e.g. to lose chicken strips. Hanging off is done to shift weight to the inside of the bike and lower down, so that the bike can be kept more upright around a corner (more upright = more stable = more speed).

Cheers mate all taken on board and I will give that a go! Ta.

lol - means nothing to me.

If thats not clear, here is another view…

Just agree with the others, get ya left cheek over to the rightside of the seat, lean the bike over more and carry more speed.

I learnt at stockly park round about, 3rd gear 35 to 40 MPH. Just keep trying, if you do go to stockly check for deasil first. lol

You need body position something like this.





Lookin at the foto of your mate again , needs to move his feet so only toes are on peg, needs to move backside so only one cheek is on seat, needs to get body position right, ie, move inside body forwards so not only hanging off on inside but forwards slightly aswell.

If anything by his foto his toes will touch down first. Best thing to aim for is not get knee down but concentrate on body position into corner and carry more corner speed, he will have to lean further to make the turn, then if his body position right his knee should touch.

I wouldn’t recommend on the road but to be honest we all do it. There are a few quiet places up this way, am willing to spend some time on a sat aft to teach if you like?

lol am in Wembley mate, cheers for the advice any help is very much appreciated

any good rubber has a lot more in it than you think, a lot…

Book a track day, long sweepers are good beacuse you can lean, lean and lean some more.
short bends are harder.
you can take the bike in a car park at night and go round and round till your knee is down or you bike is

I find putting the ball of foot on the outside tip of peg helps, seems to get your leg in the right shape.

as siad b4 one but cheek on the seat and try to keep you body in line with the bike as per puppy.

as all other have said, you really have to get your ass off the saddle, you can get your knee down at 45degrees no worries.

I was doing the same thing, shifting across a little bit then waving my knee around in desperation.

Once I actually got my left cheek on the right hand side of the seat on an island in Woking, it all clicked into place.

To be honest, it is all showmanship on the roads, save it for the track,

Nice to get the sliders scuffed though, my right one is 1/2 gone, my left has a mere scratch!

Good luck

Can I play?

All quality pictures…see!!!..Those of you thats doubtfull on ya ablity on the french trip !!!..These are the kinda guys that give good advice on safe ride and cornering no matter what ya confidence is like…

Cheques in the post Barro