All the single ladies...

Happy Valentines :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. If Kylie doesn’t send me that valentines card this year, it really is her last chance gone. Ms Kournakova is running out of chances too.


Also Eva Mendez and Anne Hathaway…

I want cards today bitches or no Mclovin from me.

Oh dear, so that’s why the mrs had a face like a wet fish this morning:w00t:

put this in mis mad-dogs card this morning :smiley: my dinner will be in the dog tonight me thinks:hehe:
roses are straight, violets are twisted, bend over love, you’re about to get fisted!


Thats real bro-mance

thanks darling :kiss:

romance is lost on you guys it seems :smiley:

I just spent £60 on fecking roses…not happy…

I got a great Valentines present from the doctor today! And no cards for me either :frowning:

i got a wicked valentines gift from lewis… i forgot though so need to think of something quick to get me back in his good books pmsl :D:D

did your imaginary boyfriend dump you already:P don’t worry there is lost of meds for STD’s these days xxx


No actually today i found out i have artheritis in my hands and wrists… but really thanx for that

Sorry to hear that my lovely :frowning: so your hands in to much pain to run over my 6pack??

I have vowed to replace men with biking :stuck_out_tongue: I saw in the new year on my bike and I will have the best valentines day present later, from myself, i’m going to pick up my 3rd bike :smiley:


What have you bought ?

Ahh - you got it.

Well done :smiley:

I’ve given up chasing now. Can’t be arsed and have already come to the realisation that, if I were to make it to my 50th birthday, I’d be happy enough with a nice house with a garage full of motorbikes and a couple of dogs. Anything else is a bonus! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ally, sorry to hear about the artheritis. Stay positive chic! :wink:

3rd bike i like that idear :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about it too much, I have rheumatoid arthritis in mine inc the wrists, hands and elbows and with some good medication in the system it keeps it at bay. Before I was on the tablets I used to make sure I took anti inflammatory tabs the doctor prescribed about an hour before riding, you can get most over the counter and double up on the strength that the Drs prescribe.

Salazopyrin are what I’m on from the hospital and I take 6 a day… be prepared for bright yellow pee :smiley: these tablets are massive! :smiley:

Oh… and can I be single today for second helpings? :hehe:

Thankyou Ange, you’ve actually cheered me up. Thankyou.