All clean again

After a great day out yesterday the Stealth needed cleaning so washed the scoot as well, um do i leave the rear pegs on or not ??


Bikes 002.jpg

Bikes 003.jpg

Bikes 001.jpg

I washed mine yesterday and typical it rains the next day.

I like the sleek, no pillion pegs sticking out look myself…BUT…I NEVER ride with a passenger. shrug

That’s a great looking bike in any event!

take em off!!! my gts vespa has em built i so it isnt the same, boo!!

So does Leggy Pete but he only found them in his loft and put them on for me, so I could come out and play yesterday!

Take them off I say, the bike looks much sexier without them or a bulky pillion on the back ruining it’s lovely lines

Wey back to normal service, Stealth mode at least i now know its very good 2 up. Exept for numb bums for the pillion !!


Tail 001.jpg

Tail 003.jpg

Tail 002.jpg