Alex Gold Birthday BBQ Saturday!

So we where plaaning to go for a ride today and a meal tonight but hes i’ll and being a bit of a girl, so i have decided to have a BBQ on Saturday afternoon/evening instead!

The BBQ will be from about 4pm at my house (its 3 mins from the ace cafe) bring meat and drinks ( soft drinks and salad will be supplied) and we will have a few beers to celebrate the old gits birthday!!

We will be doing a rideout first (brisk paced) with lots of roundabout for him to get his knee down on!!! I will post more details on this in the Ride Out section.

If your interested in coming then post on here, there is parking in my drive for about 10 - 15 bikes but as its later i guess some people will get the tube over, we are close to both the northern and jubilee line!

I will send over my address if you want to come, i dont want to post it on here!!!

Open invite, all nice people who know us are welcome!

I need your address i dont know where you live?? :wink:

Want me to make bannoffee pie? :smiley: