Alert Minories Car Park, Tower

Lifted from BCF

Was going to post this straight away but police
reckoned they had a lead and asked me not to post anything online until
they had followed up. That lead was a dead end so here’s my post…

My bike was stolen on Tuesday 28th from the Minories Car Park, by Tower Hill.

Picked up the bike Monday morning from garage after some repairs. Parked
at the car park as normal on Tuesday morning around 8. Went back just
after 6 and it was gone.

Two bikes were taken that day, mine and a 2012 ZX6R.

To get to mine then cut a slice out of the brake disc and slid the disc
lock out. Found the piece of brake disc and disc lock discarded to the
side of where I parked.

The other guys bike was chained to one of the railings. They cut through the chain.

They also started cutting through the chain of another ZX6R but left it, perhaps got disturbed and legged it.

Police are reviewing CCTV but so far no leads and frankly I’ve given up hope.

Second bike stolen in a matter of months. Insurance woes to follow Crying or Very sad

Shit news, utter bastards

I’d like to see their necks cut just like the chains and disc lock were treated.
Sorry to hear that brains_t, I can only imagine how it’s like to be a victim twice in a space of months.

Oi Des is it your bike specifically or Someone elses .?

That car park used to be really safe
It has CCTV and the guards are sopossed to do the rounds


Not mine thankfully, a member from BCF.posted it and I put it here as I know a few here use the facility.

I use to park my XJ6 there a few years back. It was a manned car park (two staff on site) with CCTV screens in the office so considered it safe.

Makes me wonder if the underground car parks at Canary Wharf are the only places in London safe to park a bike for the day, yet to hear of thefts from there.

really sorry to hear that.  Theres no deterrence for these people… its just easy money, no real punishment IF they ever do get caught.  I, myself have never been a victim of this (apparently they don’t like ER6f’s - regularly left unchained outside my house in New cross) - But both my step dad and brother have.  My stepdad went around every single scummy council estate he knew of and found his bike in an alleyway - this was a small town, not London though, still a bitter sweet success.  My brother just bought himself a brand new cbf125… Had it a month and that was that gone.

Its the insurance thats the killer, i presume you lose your NCD ? - really sorry to see yet another guy losing their bike, hope things work out mate