Air guns for sale

Hi all,

Any of these would be good for taking out a neighbor or just holding up a post office :smiley:

Got a couple of air guns for sale, I haven’t got any prices up yet as I am still currently looking into what they are worth, but please reasonable offers welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

1st up

Falcon FN19 (condition almost new)

.22 calibers

Beech Stock

Bolt action Pre-charged air rifle

Low recoil

Adjustable 2 stage trigger

2 shot clip

Nikko Sterling Gold Crown 4-15 scope with BDC and mounts (scope comes with bushwhacker flip ups)

Sling mounts in place (but no sling, don’t know where that went)

Comes with

ABS rifle case

3 litre diver’s bottle (almost new) with fittings to charge the rifle

2nd up

BSA Magnum 240 Air Pistol (like New)

.177 calibre

Open sights

3rd up

Browning Replica Blank fire (fair condition)

Comes with 15 shot metal mag

4th up

BSA Superstar Theoben Converted (almost new)

.22 Calibre

Under lever Single shot rifle, much better than your break barrel

Theoben Converted, basically gas ram replaces conventional spring, reduces recoil and keeps the power 100% does not fatigue like springs


Nikko Crown 3-9 scope with mounts

Silencer (Screw fitting so easy to put on/off)

Sling case

If you need anymore pics let me know

All buyers must be 18 or over

Of course pick up only (Watford) :smiley:








Ok got the prices
Falcon GBP250
BSA Superstar GBP150
BSA Magnum 240 GBP110
Browning Rep GBP40

sorry not interested in the guns, what do you want for the carpet :smiley:

GBP250 for it and get the gun for free :smiley:

You tried Jim Macdonald?

Any of them good for squirrel shooting?

They ate all the cherries off my tree last year, if they do it again I’m going to find out what cherry fed squirrel tastes like !

Who is Jim macdonald?

Both rifles will be sufficient to make squirrel pie:D

Browning now SOLD :smiley:
BSA Superstar
Falcon FN19
BSA 240 Magnum


will they kill cats from across the road?

BSA / Falcon will, not that i tried it :smiley:

Falcon GBP220
BSA Superstar GBP1300
BSA Magnum 240 GBP90

Bump Guys/Gals

Falcon GBP220 - SOLD
BSA Superstar GBP130
BSA Magnum 240 GBP90
RWS C225 with Laser Sight (copy of the Sig Sauer P225) GBP150

Any Offers!

Bumpty Bump :smiley:

old post but do you still have any of them air rifles for sale??


Sorry all rifles gone.
Only got :-
BSA Magnum 240 GBP90
RWS C225 with Laser Sight (copy of the Sig Sauer P225) GBP150

All Sold Now.



Only just seen this post

i,ll have the bsa superstar if you still have it . i can collect tomorrow