:w00t: :w00t:



Blocked at work :ermm:


one of the best rock bands of all time:smooooth :smooooth:

We’ve been listening to a lot of AC/DC recently at work…bearing in mind the guys I work with are 18-20ish, it says a lot about their longevity!


Thanks for the post, that has cheered me up after too long a day at work.

I last saw them perform in 1978!

i was born in 1978! :Whistling:

I wasn’t even born in 1978! :satisfied:

Saw them in 1978, seen them since too. :D:D

Guy I know was on the lighting crew for that gig, they were doing 20 hour days surviving on any uppers drugs they could get hold of. when the concert was on, they were all asleep under the stage