Aftermaket fairings on Ebay. Any experience?

Hi there,
I slide my bike couple of weeks ago at very low speed and the result is scratched and brokn right hand side fairing.
I have been having a look to these fairing being sold in ebay from Hong Kong and so on.
Has anyone got any of these? I heard these sometimes don´t fit very well, or even colours don´t match along the different pieces.


do a search for chris…CHRIBI on here he bought them for his zxr600 think he posted the pictures as well

Cheers mate. Gave it a search but just found this one:–

Is this the one you are referring to?

I have fitted a full set of delcevic (spelling)to a cbr 600fy for someone, they didnt fit too bad need slight holes drilling and stuff but they are not like genuine quality but must say was better fitting than old fibreglass panels.They did have brass inserts in fairings for the headlamp and stuff