after reading some1 elses post i looked for my licence too

Surely your Licence issuing office can send you a new one without you going over there? Over here, people just complete a D1 Form either on paper and send it in to DVLA or complete the online application form.

Thanks for that Julian - I only asked since Jules specifically mentioned Australia :slight_smile:

Here’s another one for you :wink:

They had bhp restricted licences in Australia but DVLA were happy to give them full licences with no need to buy reduced power :w00t:

I heard of a friend of a friend who went to Lagos and got a full licence. This can be done in a number of ways - not necessary to actually pass any test apparently.

Your Nigerian licence is ok for 12 months in the UK - and to hire cars worldwide (My friend’s friend has done this in the UK, Japan, Australia, USA) The good bit - any points, should you be done for speeding, go on your Nigerian licence. My friend’s friend got pulled in the US and NZ and both times the coppers soon lost interest when they realised what licence he was driving on

Only downside is the licence needs renewing every 2 years:angry: which is a shame as the UK police have no way of knowing if you’ve been here longer than the 12 months.

Obviously not very practical - but back to Mr C’s point - a bit worrying that Uk visitors and recent migrants can legally drive in the Uk on the basis of a $20 “fee” to obtain a licence in Nigeria, no test required.

No idea m8. That’ll be a DVLA thing. :smiley:

Might be cos they’d done their test prior to our restriction year…but other than that I have no idea.

If someone with a Nigerian Licence…or any other licence with a 12 month restriction…comes to the Pound we ask them to supply their passport so that we can prove that they have been in the UK for less than 12 months. If its not stamped on their passport then we have other means of finding out! :smiley:

There’s a lot of people out there driving vehicles without a licence, or on a provisional UK one, or no licence at all…never mind no insurance. Until the system changes to make it harder for these people to slip through the net, the only way to currently deal with them is through seizures. Put it like this…its quite worrying when the London area alone can produce anywhere between 50-200 seizures a day purely for no insurance and/or not in-accordance with a licence.

I’m shocked that it’s so low.

Its more down to Police manning I’m afraid. If they had a dedicated team in each Borough then it’d be a lot more.