After info about parliament square.

Hi folks I’m new to the site but have met some of the group at Borough Market.

I’m after some information regarding accidents around Parliament Square. Particularly those where no other vehicles were involved.

I can get some data from accidents where collisions have been serious, fatal or injuries have been reported through the police.

I would really like to get some info from anyone that has had an off at Parliament Square where they have come into contact with, grease, diesel, gravel of any other substance.

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funny enough that’s the only place i have ever low sided/ come off from not being stupid or being knocked off. i unfortunately didn’t check why i low sided. first week of walking after my crash i low sided and my bad leg got sucked into my rear wheel and i messed my foot up so jumped up humbled the pain jumped back on my bike and shoot off before it got to bad to get back on.

it was the corner wear the a302 meets the square and i was trying to get quite low then the front just washed out even though i wasn’t that low then it was floor sky floor sky floor sky handlebars =/

Try a FOI from Westminster Highways Dept.

I saw a girl fall off her scooter for no apparent reason … was like hole in gravity formed and she fell off .

Do pedestrians count? :smiley:

Hilarious! :laugh: I saw something similar the other day, i had to pull over I was laughing too much.

Then I went to help.

Thanks for replies.

FOI requests for that area seem to get knocked back as they show other individuals and is therefore a breech in data protection. I’m guessing its more to do with security.
I came off the other day. About 15-20 mph, very light traffic, day light, dry road and one bit of something slippery that I didn’t notice until I was very low and then kissing the tarmac.
I’d love to get some sort of indication of numbers that come off, get back up and ride off.

It’s going to be very difficult to get figures for something that wasn’t recorded.

What day did you come off? What time and exactly where? One day last week I remember dodging a very wide smelly diesel spill in the square.

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I’ve sent you a PM (I think?).
I’m not so good with forums and technology. lol.
If you’ve not got it will you let me know.

Thanks. Looks like the hazard I avoided was a different day to your accident.

Yep but might have been residue that wasn’t cleaned properly.

Thanks again for your reply.

Hi and welcome:D