after a long shift...

of 13 hrs…i had just managed to send the last flight off to shannon in ireland and drag my weiry head and body,down to the carpark were i would meet the bandit…stick it on auto pilot,and let it take me home…

so got to the bike and fired her up…

sat dragging the life outta a cigerette, somthing catches my eye…it was a note stuffed in my handle bars…

so…unfolded it and it read…

hello shane,recognised the bike /jayambee…londonbiker.

mate…that was phuckin fantastic and gave me a true sence of what it is to be an LBer…thanks geeze…

was beaming all the way home….

aint it nice when things like that happen…


Awww bless!

Last time i had a note left for me like that, it was to say they had backed into my car!



Nice one fella, always good to have a day brightener.

Still waiting for mine!

Sorry to hear that BigSV…hope tomorrows a better day

Cheers Joolz.

Am sitting here, working Only comfort is that I’m at home.

What a nice way to end a days work.

Cool, better than coming back and finding a parking ticket!

you cant really miss the bandit…its got carol nask writen across it in big white letters,

but yea some little things like that are nice every now and then

Hi Shane, I was gonna hang round till 2 ish thinking your shift was gonna end just aswell i didn’t i would of had a long wait. Should be starting a new contract up there soon so may see you around for a cuppa.


ahh wonderd what you were doing back there mate…

thought you just liked hanging round carparks…hahahaha

well that the new parking spot mate…not as good as the one we used to park in…but it’ll doo eh?..

see ya soon mate …and thanx…


dont talk to me about bluddy parking tickets!!! grr