After a 125

for my nephew - so if anyone is selling one soon - let me know.


I’m going to be selling my K3 vanvan fairly soon, ie in the next 8 weeks. She’s lasted me very well, a few scratches on exhaust etc but only 1 small mark on the tank. A good runner too, starts every time and perfect first time bike.

Drop me a dm if you are interested and I will get you some photos. Just passed the MOT again with no problems at all.

Not back in uk for another month - but 8 weeks sounds about right for my nephew. Will check back here when I get home and see where he’s at. He is over keen (for my liking) on a CBR but I think a van van would suit him fine. Couple of other options coming up too.

Will be his call - his money - I am just there to guide him (and no doubt take the blame if he buys a dog)

Provided I pass my test in a few weeks I will probably be selling my CBR 125

He’s just sorted himself out. Watch out for an L-plated numpty on CBR125 in Essex :w00t: - go easy on him :smiley: