Afro, Terry and Chunky and three babies

AfroR1, Terry Moto and ChunkyMonkey are all in maternity after their partners had given birth on the same day.

The doctor comes up to them.

“Gentlemen, your wives have all had little boys! However in the confusion we may have mixed the babies up. Could you come to the nursery to help us identify them?"

Chunky ran to the nursery, picked up a dark-skinned baby with dreadlocks and said,

“This boy is mine.”

Afro says “Hang on Chunky, any fool can see that this baby is mine as he’s the same colour as his daddy”

“True,” says Chunky “but there is a fifty fifty chance that one of the others is Terry’s and I’m not taking the risk.”:D:D:D

:w00t: Nice one :wink:

They’ve given births same day? Those Gents Ride-outs must have been truly inspiring :smiley:




I’ll be back soon :wink:

Like there be any mistaking your Son Chunks :D:)

Or yours Tel;):smiley:



ha ha ha !

Very subtle :P:laugh: