Il Bandito bit a van today (see post on General Chat) and while the damage doesn’t look too bad, the front rim on the Aprilia Pegaso Trail is going to need replacement.

Now, do I stick with the 19" with a crp selection of crp tyres avalable, or do I take the opportunity to drop the wheel size to 17"? Gives a better choice of tyres but I can’t get a much wider front wheel in to the forks so it will be almost just as narrow.

O.K., it will steepen the head angle and quicken the steering as a result but at least I have the choice of some proper rubber.

Would the rear need a change as well?

Judging by the number of super motards that are around, which I guess are on 17" fronts, you could end up with a pretty fun bike!

A lot of people change the XT660R into an XT660X by just changing the wheels (and some add the fork stabiliser like the one from off-the-road:

I think your forks are pretty similar, if not the same, to the XT’s, so I assume it should be a pretty straight forward conversion.

You’re welcome to try out my bike if you want to get an idea of what it’s like with the smaller wheels. The bikes are pretty similar overall.

Could be a good move to 17" Oldguy - my 98 Hornet has a 16 inch front - a year later Honda fitted the Hornet with a 17 inch for better handling (less twitchy) and more tyre choice.

My old (stolen) SM had 17" front and rear but of a decent width.

I can fit a wider tyre at the rear (already 17") but the front forks limit the front tyre width to something skinny.

The problem is that I might spend £lots and end up with a piles transplant. With me as the recipient.