Advice wanted - weekend trip to North France

Help please - I’ve been asked to get involved in organising a weekend trip. It’ll probably be…Fri - meet lunchtime near to the Channel Tunnel; ride c120 miles to destination…Sat - day of riding…Sun morning - return to the tunnel.

If anyone in LB has any suggestions on a good destination and route advice, all suggestions welcome.



In the process of planning long weekend camping trip 2 normandy area, take in some of battlegrounds etc. Will be near end of July and post info on here, let me know how your trip goes.

Hi, depends on what you are after. But I didn’t find the north coast that greater trip for the bike. (Bit boring) There were some interesting areas with the history of the battlegrounds & some fantastic beaches that go on for miles, but as far as biking in this part of the country (only personal view) not that great.
But all was not doom & gloom. We got down as far as Mont Saint-Michel & things got quite a bit better With a trip over the Nazaire bridge (not a good one on a windy day) & back up the Loire valley, via the south of Paris. The return trip was a delight, with some good biking roads & great scenery. Would be a bit to far for a short weekend, but if you can stretch the extra day, would be worth it.

Good luck.


The D514 in Normandy is great - takes in most of the beaches too.