Advice on where to get new tyres

Hi everyone,

I’ve just got back from a lovely afternoon jaunt to find a gleaming silver nail stuck in my rear tyre… urgh…

I’m just hitting the road wear limit anyhow so I suppose it could have been worse.

So… I wondered if anyone had advice on where I should get some new tyres? I thought maybe a LBer might even have a shop. I’m going to stick with Bridgestone as they’ve been great.

So what do you guys think?



FWR in kennington and Essential Rubber in east are usual favourites. Can vouch for FWR.

Alternatively speak to Matt at OMC and he can get you sorted

I got my last set from Round and Black in Dartford, really cheap, saved £50 over my local dealer for a rear Tyre. they deliver too but if you go there its free fitting. They are on ebay.

Great. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ll check em out.

Essential Rubber, just off the A12 north side of Blackwall Tunnel

100% for all things motorcycle including tyres, repairs, MOT’s etc

Phone first to check stock, out of stock items are usually 48 hours away

Late night to 8pm Wednesdays

inter webby do dah here

Thanks Art.

New tyres might mean a scrubbing session through Art’s backyard :slight_smile:

Essential Rubber are the only people I trust with my rubber, plus they give a 10% LB discount. Mick and Colin are also really nice guys, so it’s a nice place to hangout and always bump into biker mates whenever I am there, so believe many feel the same!

Had a terrible experience with FWR - would rather not be able to ride my bike than ever use them again, that’s how strongly I feel!

Essential all the way, nothing but best prices and top service

Agreed, excellent service on my recent replacement, even fitted was cheaper than

Ah… The community spirit in full effect. Thanks for all your suggestions. I’m glad I asked!!

No recommendations out West? The 1000rr seems to eat tyres!

And thats if I can make my mind up on what to replace the Bridgestones with???

Chiswick Honda out West have competitive prices on Bridgestones, on other tyres you’ll save by going to Essential Rubber. I’d definitely recommend Essential rubber, every time I’ve been there, the same crew have been there and they really care about their customers.

Cheers. I think I can stretch a couple more weeks, But essential certainly get a lot of praise on here- enough to take an afternoon blast across town.

out west I have used FTS (Feltham tyre services I think) just south of heathrow on the A312. they are OK, but nothing special, I use them because they are convenient, nothing more. last time was for a new front, 19’’ conti trail attack, £90!!!

So I popped down to Essential after everyone’s advice.

Competitive, quick and painless.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks D. I ride past them daily- proper convenient!!

A scrubbing session, two minds are better than one

Since moving to the far side I’ve become anxious of where to get my tyres done. I’m now thinking I’ll stay with Essential Rubber. It’s 80 miles each way via Finchingfield which means I’ll get to waste the last of the rubber on the way there and they’ll be fairly well scrubbed in by the time I get back. The only downside I can see is that I’ll have to ride the entire length of the B1057, in both directions :w00t:

Sometimes we just have to deal with what life throws at us :wink:

First world problems eh Art? :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with HGB they are right on your doorstep. :slight_smile:

Definately Essential Rubber. I wouldn’t go elsewhere for my tyres.