Advice on Painting needed

I been after a nice table and I saw one in Argos:|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/2|cat_14417894|Dining+tables+and+chairs|14418090/c_3/3|cat_14418090|6+seat+dining+sets|14418105.htm


Same table but one is clear glass the othe one is black, seems kinda stupid to pay £110 more for black glass… so my question is can I just get the clear one for cheaper and spray paint it or paint it black?

What kind of pain can I use? I was thinking to paint the underneath of the glass balck that way you it would look better and no paint on the main surface…

Any advice is much appreciate it.

no advice:( bloody hell usually someone woudl have said something by now…

I feel neglected:)

Seriously if you know what I can use to pain on glass let me know, nice and easy and avoid the extra £110 out of my pocket.—midnight-black-251-p.asp

tint under side of the glass?

You could use glass spray paint but you’d need to be pretty good with it to stop it beading up lol. And if you messed it up it would probably be tough to remove and try again.

Tinting it sounds like a good idea though

I’d imagine you want to tint the glass rather than painting it?Have a look at car window tint kits … not sure what they are/how they work … but that has got to be the right way to do it rather than a tin of emulsion and a paintbrush?EDIT : too slow - d’oh!