Advice on buying a Honda SH150

Hi guys!

i have been thinking about buying a scooter here in London. I once had a Honda SH 150 and loved it so I was hoping to get something similar.

Any advice on good dealers I should go to?

thanks sooo much!

For the love of god don’t go anywhere near Chiswick Honda. Dobles in Coulsden if you must go to a main dealer.

I’ve not had a problem with Chiswick Honda but I’ve kept them from going out of business single handedly with my CB500. You can get great finance on these apparently. There are two Scooter shops on the Kings road you could get a look at. They have new and used examples. Some of them are barely run in buy Italian business men who’ve been posted somewhere else.

Westie and Tiggi work in a scooter shop - where are you, you’re missing a deal here :smiley:

(Just realised it IS Friday night and they probably have more fun things to do than look at LB)

Lol, been to the ace but home now :slight_smile:

I left Scooter world this week to get back into my old work again :slight_smile:

Westie poo’s still work there though so if it’s a vespa your after then give him a shout :slight_smile:

Doubles in Coulsden seem very good from my dealings with them. As for Shs. They are all good and there are plenty of SH125s around. Just make sure it is well maintained.