Advertisment banner headlines.

You have to love the dual meaning of some advert banner headlines. First came to my notice years back when mini skirts were about as short as they could get and still just about still be decent.

Miss Selfridge sale: “All mini skirts reduced.” Really?

Various adverts: “Nothing works better than *********.” Well then, why not take nothing?

Today. (It’s on the LondonBikers front page.)

M&S. “50% reduction on all swimwear.” Going to make some of that pretty skimpy. Avoid the budgie smugglers guys.

Any other offerings?

“50% off breast enlargement.” Back page of Trucks and Truckers.:w00t:

what you doing reading trucks and truckers, haha

ice road truckers make Mark Dixon of Stobarts look like a pussy:D:D

Mark Dixon WhoAge - 34
Favourite food - Mcdonalds
Likes - carsDislikes - plumsIs it any wonder his fan mail reads

OK. These are really getting worse. Andrew & 7 claims that they only reflect your personal browing history but that’s BS. We definitely did NOT look for anything deserving this:

So then all you nobbers, who did? :w00t:

My fav is still the sign at the “Out the Closet” handware store I saw in the states. “Entrance at the rear” :smiley: