Advertised on Ebay.................

Gotta raise the funds for a drz or somthing simmilar so help me out guys, if you know of anyone who wants one of these beasts, tell them about this one
Item Number 4606117551

Good luck on the sale. If it doesnt sell im sure you could pursuade Cezar to add one more to his collection.

Yea, he said he liked it when i first said i was going to sell it… If you want it Cezar just get in touch

Cezar will buy it, you just have to get the money from his wife…

which is the hard part, lol

My doesn’t need to know that! Do you get my 955i as part exchange?

LOL Cezar, nice try, need the money to get myself a DRZ or the like. If you do want it i am sure i can come to some sort of deal with you… Price wise Just to dangle the carrot in front of you

16 People watching on Ebay at the moHope i don’t get a waster who bids then don’t pay!!