Advert coding changed?

Has there been a change in the format or source of the adverts on LB?

I always use my hosts file to block unwanted adverts etc. This was never a problem on LB (though I might have got one ‘click’ as the page loaded) - but now I get seven or eight ‘clicks’ as undesirable URLs are discarded. This can take up to 15 seconds per page, and is making reading LB forums a frustrating experience, plus I now no longer see the links on the RHS of the page.

Nothing’s changed Jim, though let me point out that the adverts are a necessary part of the website and viewing the site without them is not something that I like to hear about. The adverts are needed to pay for the website. If you don’t run the adverts then our stats are skewed and this has an effect on LB’s ability to operate and expand. now commented out of the hosts file just to make my life easier. It must have come with my latest update - probably due to PHORM issues. :frowning:

“It’s MY computer” (tm SMG) - I decide what appears on my screen.

For sure, though to play devils advocate, it’s our site and if we wanted to enforce this, we could deny service if the conditions weren’t met.

Though of course that’s hypothetical.

Besides, the ads LB runs are relevant to us all, we’re targeting local business’ who can offer valuable services to the biking community. We have a policy of not running any annoying or irrelevant adverts, i.e. pop-ups or adverts for bingo.

Understood - and I don’t find them any problem here. I’d merged hosts files from several locations, one of them must have included your source.

i’ll go with that jay , Mcams are being very helpful :slight_smile:

I don’t find the ads on LB intrusive or worth excluding through the HOSTS file either.

It’s not like you get on some fora like and that run ads in between posts.

A free community needs to get an income from somewhere to run…I wouldn’t want to guess how much the hosting of this site costs.

The bandwidth charges are going up and up each month, and there’s no correlation between charges and the benefit to LB, so I’m going to have to rethink our hosting arrangement soon. We’re not getting a good deal in the UK, so may move LB to France where we host as they’ve been nothing but good to us so far.

Leftfield perhaps, but as the exchange rate is so good at the mo’, might be worth considering hosting in New Zealand :smiley: