Adventure bikes - which..?

Haha - budget…? what budget…no budget…by that i don’t mean to say i have won the lottery…thats some crazy monies whoa…i had a quick look at the kwak versys and looks like it could do it for me…with a bit of pimping it up and happily thrash it about…time to figure out what my budget is i guess…

Cool - shall have a look


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Yes - that’s the first machine i looked at :slight_smile:

how many sandwich lunches would i have to sacrifice - hmm perhaps not then…would be interesting to see what the service costs are for the ktm’s and triumph tigers…? apparently ktm’s need to be serviced more frequently…?

GS’s - heavy as f**k, electrical issues… and KTM’s - some breakdown issues (cant remember what now) and very frequent service intervals…apparently…

yea i hated the weight of the transalp…

yea - will have a look at the versys…seems a sensible place to start…quite liked the 650gs (funduro…what a name!)

Quite fancied the tenere’s and africa twins (apparently the africa twins will be brought about again - how cool) even before i got into biking - but not too sure how well the tenere would handle on motorways…?

hmm looks nice - im sure i came across that name somewhere and wondered “what is that…?”…it’ll be on the next star trek episode

always wanted a c90 :slight_smile:

Whoa - a load of good info…cheers dude…yup i found myself in a muddy off road section sometime back and my mate had his GS…neither of us have much off road experience and i was sure i’d be left far behind on my CBF500…a few minutes into the section i found myself having lots of fun and just going for it…lost the back so many times but it was great…realized its much more controllable if you ride standing…you don’t panic when you lose your back either…obviously left the GS far behind enough for me to pull over in a dry section way further up for a big wee before the GS caught up…nothing to do with the GS of course…but like you said, rider-ability came to shine on that day…the thrill of that small experience is what’s gotten me into getting an adventure bike which would be more capable than my CBF500…obviously all the bikes suggested by everyone so far would be better than the current CBF whether on an open motorway or off road - whether i go for a kwak/bmw/ktm or triumph…i don’t know yet…neither of which will happen very very soon


Jetstream (04/12/2013)


if that bloke can do it - i can do it too :slight_smile:

Not much said about the Yamaha Super Tenere 1200, which Ross and nilv mention. I don’t own one but I did rent one for a day in South Africa last week. Did about 250 km - all on tarmac - on a variety of dual-carriageways, twisty single track roads, and Cape Town urban sprawl.

I’m making allowances in my review, for the fact it was a bike under a year old with around 8,000 miles on the clock, for saying it’s probably one of the worse bikes I’ve ridden. It was in good condition (barring a squaring off rear tyre) and well maintained by the company I rented it from - I place no blame on them for it. Allowing for the squared off rear Metzeler, the bike was very reluctant to turn in, without significant counter steering and a shove with the knee on the tank. There was very little feel from the front end. I think it might have had a slow puncture, such was its reluctance to turn in.

The bike is tall, and carries its weight high. I can’t imagine it being any good off road. It’s got a shaft drive, which adds to the weight I guess. The gearbox is truly awful, with a huge distance between ratios and needing a big punt to change up a gear - maybe it’s better with motocross boots on. The engine doesn’t feel hugely powerful - I’ve looked this up and it’s a 112 bhp bike, which is the second most powerful bike I’ve ever ridden. However, it weighs 257kg wet, which is huge!

As a result it’s quite thirsty - I used the best part of a 23 litre tank on a 250 km ride. Around 80mph seems like its maximum comfortable cruising speed. I’ve never ridden a Boxer GS, a Triumph or the competition, but I wouldn’t have the Super Tenere

That was me in 1989 on a Yamaha 700 Fazer, doing a bit of off roading in Arizona with a bloke who was on some trials bike.
We ended up miles from any road as we wanted to see some Hopi Indian settlement, needless to say we got lost but
had great fun. About ten minutes later I stopped on what I thought was sand, put me foot down and it sank all the way to my knee with
the bike on top of me :smiley:

I love the sharp edges of the KTM’s… Awesome looking bikes