Advanced riding courses for beginners / Novices

Hi folks,

having just passed my DAS almost a week ago now I would like to know what courses are available to teach and improve riding skills. I know one of them is a bikesafe course run by the MET however I would like to get some more experience and tutition first then go on a bikesafe course. Things I am looking at is faster cornering, riding with more confidence etc.

Any feedback would be deeply appreciated.



I met a chap at the weekend that has a training business down in Kent somewhere - his website is . He seemed like a decent guy, and he will have a stand @ Brightona (god, what a cheesy name!) this weekend.

Overboost, your corner speed will increase over time and with confidence, dont run before you can walk my friend, as it hurts when it goes wrong.

There are plenty of courses, not been on a bike safe one but am sure they are ok. IAM are good… have the myth of being slow and old fuddy duddies, my club are anything but slow and they teach bike control which has the effect of riding faster, but safer.

If you’re in and around the essex area let me know and can come along. is another good place to look. Kevin runs Survival Skills section of Visordown and has very good advice. Well worth a call. he does a special course for taking corners etc and will give you good tuition.

I did a course with kevin of survival skills and had a great day.

He does weekend courses for groups in wales.