Advanced Motorcycle Training

Anyone used them? Do the prices vary depending on the club? I looked at two clubs around me that provide the course and one quoted £90 whilst the other £130?? Also at the bikesafe the guy told me £200. Is there a standard price? What’s everyone paying for this course who’s done it?

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Have a word with The IAM directly and see what that throws up. Dont forget ROSPA too!

IAM membership does cost about £130 but does last for life once you pass.

Well I’ll let u all know, as I’m doing my initial assesment ride with Thames Vale IAM later n the month. Oh n yes Anne-Marie did mention it a few times on Wednesday at the Oakdene! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know the success rate? Got a tight budget right now and don’t really want to be throwing money away and not passing. I know it’s a good investment as it should make me a safer rider so not entirely money down the drain if i fail.

Once you passed the I.A.M you pay an annual sub of about £20.

All IAM groups charge the same: £139, so pick the one that works for you geographically or fits in with your availability. You’ll also be expected to contribute to your observer’s running / petrol costs for each ride so the estimate of £200 you were given is about right

They’ll tell you when they think you’re ready for test, so pass rates are pretty high. Ongoing membership of the IAM is currently £24 after the end of your first year.

The £139 is for the IAM “skills for life” program which is a one-off fee and independend of the group, but all/most/some(?) groups charge a yearly membership fee on top of that. I think it’s £20 or £25 for the year I paid with LAM. It covers the magazine etc they send out.
On top of that, LAM ask for a voluntary contribution up to £10 each time you go on an observed ride, that’s to cover cost of petrol, rubber … for the observer.

I think it’s definitely worth it.

Most groups will also let you have an assessment ride or join a social ride before you join. That way you get a feel of what it’s like etc.

Have a look here:

Cost is minimal - £10 membership of NetRoADAR per year - Approx £10 per Observed Ride - RoSPA test fee £54 (only £47 if you are under 26!)

Works out approx half the price of IAM, a more prestigious pass at gold standard (currently the highest civilian advanced motorcycle award) plus the added bonus that you have to retest every 3 years to keep you on your toes! (test is free if you remain a RoSPA member at £20 a year)