Adjustable seat Bandit 600/650

I’m looking to testride and possibly buy a Bandit 600/650. As my legs are short I need one that I can touch the floor with ok and I know the Bandit has an adjustable seat but I don’t know from which year onwards? is it 2005?

If you have any other knowledge about seat heights on Bandits that would be great too. :cool:

adjustable seat? first i have hgeard of this.
you can lower it abit by suspension or have the foam in the seat reshaped shaved down, m8 of mine had this done and i dont think he was any more than 5 foot.

I can’t start shaving seats for a testride LOL.

Yes I’m finding out that not many people know that bandits (and other bikes) have adjustable seats (CBF, Pan European and many more). The sales person in P&H Crawley didn’t know either. Just want to find out from what model onwards as I can ony testride one that has the lower setting.

It is done by turning 180 ‘stepped’ rubber mounting blocks. Then the plastic underside of the seat hinges separately to the bit you sit on (has two sets of bolt holes).

I think it came in in 2007 with the all new watercooled engine.

I am a short arse and could flat foot it fine-a cracking first bike that I miss lots. Get the post 2007 watercooled engine-previous versions look very similar but the engines do not compare.

and I forgot to say, it’s heavier than it looks so if you’re short you need to be strong!

Well I went through another phase of looking at bandits and this time I’ve bitten the bullet as a bargain came along. Still need to collect it it’s up north. A 2006 carbed bandit 650. After over 2 years on my first fuel-injected bike (SV650) I’'m going back to a proper bike which you can rev and it makes the right sound (hopefully). Never had an inline four before, I’ve had 3 twins before this. W650, SV and harley sportster. Can’t wait. :cool:

Have you tried a minimoto?

I hope you enjoy your new bike. I have the injected 1250 version, love it :cool: