Additional running lights

All, need some reasonably quick feedback.

Bike is going in for its major service tomorrow, as the bike it going to be pretty naked I wanted to get some additional running lights. I’m not really after spot lights per se, as I live in the country side they are about as useful as a chocolate teapot in actually offering and real light!

I have had the £50 amazon specials on the last bike, the lights were great but the paint/casing disintegrated pretty quickly.

So happy to pay more, but really not looking to spend £500 on a set of denali’s.

Anyone have any they could recommend?

I’ve bought these 3 times for different bikes, but they may be the amazon specials you’ve already tried. Never had any problem with the paint or finish.

Cheers @zombie I’m potentially looking at those in red for the rear, but for the front I’m after something more like these: -

The additional light performance was good and gave a lot better peripheral light, but they shed their skin quickly. Just waiting on someone else to send me a link, but if all else fails I’ll go back to those as they were good.

I have these
When it says do t look into the lens when switched on don’t look into the lens trust me on that

I have these

Cheaper than a fish n chip supper but they did need modification by way of a bead of RTV silicone sealant between the glass and bezel. Been on The 250 for the past 10,000 miles, 9 months out in all weathers, can’t fault them.