Adding pillion to Insurance

My insurance started with me as a learner in April.
I passed my test in July.

So i rang up Lexham - my insurers- to tell them the good news.

As i started my Insurance year as a learner my policy does not cover pillions carrying.

Considering adding pillion carrying to my insurance but, will it cost me anything to do so?

Thanks guys 558

This may seem a bit of a mad idea, but have you thought of asking the insurance company ? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

for sure it will cost you more


Since its an option and they ask when you renew (well the do for me) I would say they see it as added risk by way of higher payout in the event of a claim. So yes they probably will charge you more if you carry pillion.

Its much prefer to ride without pillion though. Get them to but their own bike :smiley:

im with lexham too and they said £12.50 to add it

didnt bother though , the bike struggles enough with one:P

Still haven’t quite got to grips with all of this.

Whether I say yes or no to pillion passengers it seems to make no difference to my insurance renewal premiums.

mine is the same dosen’t make a difference to cost with H&R

When I had a license for less than a year it cost loads, now I have a license for more than a year and four year’s no claims, it costs nothing.

The statistics show that less experieinced riders carrying pilions are far more likely to be involved in accidents than others.

Fair enough thats why i expected it to go up :slight_smile:

On reflection It would have been easier to ring :smiley:

personally I think its a cheek them asking if you carry pillions, do they ask you or these young scrotes in their chavaliers “do you take passengers” no they dont its yet another money making scam from insurers, just like asking how many miles you gonna do, I ride my bike not just look at the thing its blatent discrimination againts bikers…and breathe :smiley:

I know how you feel… And if they are going to take mileage into consideration - the more time the bike spends moving the less time there is for some ***** to steal it so the premiums should be less :cool:

Any way the nice lady at Lexham added the pillion for free and is sending new documents so they cant claim i didn’t add it. ( i’m a cynic i know :smiley: )

Actually they do - insurance companies have started offering lower insurance to young car drivers who do not drive with more than one passenger and who do not carry passengers after dark - all very high risk of accident factors.

Boring, but true.

Having just renewed my 21 y.o. daughters car insurance (3 years N.C.B.) I could have got decent reductions for low mileage, only 1 passenger at any time, no driving between 9:00 pm and 6:00 am, and a few other bits.

But as she’s at Uni. away from home and beyond parental control, I just settled for the low mileage option and hit the plastic. (Again!)

My insurance was the same price, with or without pillion. Mind you, I have been riding for 12 years.

If you’ve only just passed your test, is it wise to carry anyone with you?

Possibly not mate but im going to be sensible about it

Nah not really mate, mines the same with or without…

Mine didn’t cost anything to change, they did it and that was that no extra cost