Adding a date and aclock to a website

How easy is this?

I have been asked to build a website, nothing to fancy so should be ok (but keep eyes pinned for questions)… How easy is it to add a Clock and the current Date to a page?..

Also I would be looking to set it ontop of an imagine how diffcult would that be?


I never done it before, but I am sure it is easy,
just search on the net


When I’ve built websites, I don’t use HTML, but these website building software things that the hosts have. I don’t know if that makes sense. but with them it’s easy to get that stuff up.

You can probably get some Javascript that’ll show a clock, but that would assume that each client viewing the site has it enabled on their browser.

It pretty easy to add a bit of java to do this (just google for relevant code). However, most read the time from the server, so are wrong for anyone out of the server time zone.

Have a look on Dynamic Drive, lots of stuff there.

Overlaying the text onto an image should be easy with a bit of CSS, I think it should be OK from an accessibility point of view to as the text will be independent and still be readable by text/screen readers.

Mark makes a good point that this will only show/work on those who have Javascript enabled, however it’s hardly a fundamental piece of functionality for any website so shouldn’t really matter if it’s there or not, unless there’s some real time online ordering going on and this has to be displayed?

As has already been pointed out the server will no doubt dictate the date and time so don’t expect it to be correct for everyone, oh and don’t mistake Java and Javascript as they are entirely different programming languages.