Active and Passive counter steering

Just read a bit in Bike magazine where active and passive counter steering is mentioned. I know what counter steering is but what’s the difference between passive and active ? When I counter steer I guess that’s active ? :unsure: Maybe they’re referring to something you know you’re doing and something you do without thinking ?

from my understanding:

Passive is when you push the handlebar in the direction you want to go (i.e. push with your left if you want to go left)


Active is when you also pull in the opposite direction (i.e pull with your right if you want to go left).

This is because a push and pull together will be give you a more noticable drop of the bikes geometry

haven’t seen the article but prob talking about the fact that everyone has to naturally countersteer on a bike to go round a corner (passive) but if you understand why it works and firmly push/pull the clip-ons where you’ve decided to start your turn its active and you can make much more positive inputs on the bikePulling on the outside clipon, or pushing on the inside are effectively the same thing. mostly a personal preference thing. bit of both gives the most turning force/least effort

also if you drop your elbows so that you’re pushing on the bar horizontally you get more leverage on the bar and the bike will turn easier still.

This was explained to me on Friday by saying that you pasively countersteer when you’re not “aware” of doing it. You must be doing it because otherwise you’d be fighting with ya steering bars the whole time, but you actively do it when you set yourself up for a corner, push foward on the bar of the direction you want to go in and “pull” back on the other.

Active countersteering means you drop into a corner quickly… best example of that is a GP racer I guess. It’s like a purposive nudge to get yourself to drop in quicker.

That was from one of the dude’s who teaches Keith Code’s stuff, if that helps.

** and I’m crap at explaining stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, understand now :D:)

I 2nd JonnyB